Evolving the Bendigo Telco Brand

Our goal is to create a single brand that our customers can connect with, that demonstrates the close ties to the community that have underpinned our business since it began. 

Bendigo's 10Gbps Secret

There is one truth in the telecommunications industry that is forever constant - the need for high capacity bandwidth continues to rise, year after year.

4 Cyber Security Pillars

Hacking into your laptop webcam. Exposing your corporate network and confidential files. Encrypting all your data and demanding a ransom. Converting your web server into a crypto-miner.

What we learned after switching PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)

We have a renewed confidence in our approach to PCI compliance and we are certain that this will lead to enhanced security for the company.

The Difference between IPSEC, SDWAN and MPLS

As Wide Area Networking (WAN) technology has evolved, businesses now have a variety of options to choose from when considering how to integrate their business sites into a single network.

Backup or get Hacked up!

Here is a story about an Australian business that did not have a backup service in place and as a result, they have foreclosed.