While you increase your business productivity, we increase our region’s competitive advantage

Previously only available in metropolitan cities, multi-gigabit speeds can now be achieved locally via dual 100Gb/s backbone connections between Bendigo and Melbourne, providing the essential gateway to cloud and internet services at metro- equivalent prices.

We're investing in regional connectivity and growth

Bendigo Telco has invested in multiple 100Gb/s backbone links to connect our city to major cloud and data vendors, ensuring our local businesses can access the same essential cloud services as our metropolitan competitors.

Unique to our region, exceptionally high speed data connectivity enables Bendigo businesses to compete in the global economy, attracts new business investment locally and strengthens our reputation as an innovative city. Bendigo's increased competitive advantage compared to other regional centres, delivers a compelling proposition when compared to capital city localities.

It's time to switch to the cloud

100 Gig Bendigo presents a unique opportunity for large organisations and companies from across the region to increase their outputs, streamline digital processes and transition easily from an outdated internal data server network to super-fast, secure, major cloud and data vendors.

Bendigo Telco’s investment in local cloud infrastructure has been designed to serve the needs of our local business community, and entice new investment and commercial growth. This infrastructure is based upon industry leading vendors such as Cisco, VMWare, HPE and CommVault. For existing Bendigo Telco business customers, making the switch can be achieved in just days.

For new customers, our transition team will oversee your project to ensure you move quickly and seamlessly to experience incredible internet speed, usability and data security with minimal disruption.

Empower your IT team to grow your capacity, instead of maintaining

Our 100 Gig products include managed network services, public cloud access, integrated data security, internet and voice services.

Grow your revenue, operations and efficiencies when you allow your IT team to work on new digital innovation and company solutions, instead of time wasted with constant problem solving and maintenance for unreliable and outdated internal systems.

Our engineering team will work with your IT manager to design the specific solution for your enterprise, including the integration of high speed fibre optic links to managed networks, and multiple location management.

Watch productivity expand with 100 Gig high speed connectivity.

100 Gig Bendigo Managed Network Services

Data Services provide the underlying network fabric which every modern enterprise relies upon to run their business operations. Bendigo Telco's Managed Network is a secure, private data network that connects your business’ sites to your critical IT infrastructure, cloud services, voice services and internet services.

Public Cloud Access

Investment in backbone connectivity allows us to provide your business with cloud services from Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM as well as our own cloud infrastructure. This access is configured in a private and secure manner, providing optimal performance and security.

Bendigo Telco Cloud

Bendigo Telco has invested in local cloud infrastructure designed to serve the needs of local businesses. This infrastructure is based upon industry-leading vendors such as Cisco, VMWare, HPE and CommVault.

Integrated Data Security Services

Data security is at the forefront of business concerns both locally and around the globe. Bendigo Telco provides data security services to support its range of cloud and data products. Security services include managed firewall services, firewall hosting and end-point protection solutions.

Internet Services

Bendigo Telco has designed our network so that it can provide enterprise-grade internet services to our customers. These services can be configured in a variety of fashions, and can be integrated into a managed data network, data centre or delivered directly to your business site.

Voice Services

High quality, secure, reliable voice services are an essential part of any large business. Bendigo Telco designs voice solutions that are integrated into data networks, ensuring voice quality and security are catered for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 100 Gig Bendigo?

100 Gig Bendigo is a backbone data network designed to provide business access to multi-gigabit high speed optical fibre data services.

Why do we need it?

Improved, super fast and reliable data infrastucture is imperative for businesses to grow, compete and thrive. 100 Gig Bendigo takes our city to the competitive digital world stage as we deliver data connectivity that is often only experienced in metro areas, growing our region's strategic advantage.

Why haven't we had this before?

Whilst in metropolitan areas, connectivity up to 1Gb/s is available at most business locations, regional centres are not as well served as our city counterparts as the infrastructure for this vital utility is less prevalent. When it has been available, it is often too expensive for businesses to utilise, forcing a compromise to much lower capacity and lower quality services.

How was it created?

Bendigo Telco was formed as a community organisation, with the vision and purpose to deliver better infrastructure to the Bendigo region. Local collaboration and aggregation of demand has allowed us to invest in this high-capacity network.

What can I use it for?

100 Gig Bendigo is designed for internet, private network, voice and cloud connectivity.

How do I connect to it?

Call our sales team on 1300 228 123 to speak to one of our solutions experts. Let them talk you through how you can connect and take advantage of this unique data infrastructure.

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