Evolving the Bendigo Telco Brand

One Mission, One Vision, One Brand.

Founded in 2000, Bendigo Telco was established by a group of large Bendigo businesses that wanted better access to telecommunications technology. Based on the ‘community banking’ model made famous by Bendigo Bank – Bendigo Telco was conceived as a telco that would enable regional centres and the local community. 

With our unique community focus, Bendigo Telco quickly expanded, supporting new regions under brands such as Tastel, Goulburn Valley Telco and VicWest Telco. As our enterprise networking capabilities expanded, BCT Australia was born to service large-scale industries, like Government and Health. Driven by the desire to serve the community we were then able to connect both businesses and consumers - offering greater choice and products that ensured that local capital stayed local.  

We’ve since achieved a number of important milestones, like building Australia’s first regional data centre, as well as investing in our own optical fibre infrastructure in the Bendigo CBD. This allowed us to provide ultra high-speed data services to Bendigo businesses - years before they would have otherwise been available. 

We now have 20,000+ customers nation-wide. We are specialists in providing enterprise-grade, secure network and data solutions. It's an impressive feat, but we're just getting started. 

We are more than just a traditional telco - the cornerstone of our mission as a business is to be the ‘customer experience and customer outcome company’. To enable this, our total focus is on ensuring the success of our customers and the achievement of their goals.  

One key element in the realisation of that mission is to ensure that our company brand truly reflects our commitment to the community and our position in the marketplace.

From next month onwards, we’ll be bidding farewell to our historical ‘sub-brands’, like Tastel and VicWest Telco. As we move forwards, all of our activities will be consolidated under a single, unified brand - Bendigo Telco

To support our unified brand we will soon introduce a new billing format, as well as a new website over the coming months. For our customers, there will be no impact and no changes to your products or monthly bill.  

This is an important and exciting change for Bendigo Telco. Our goal is to create a single brand that our customers can connect with, that demonstrates the close ties to the community that have underpinned our business since it began.  

Unifying our brands is just the first step. You can expect big and exciting things from Bendigo Telco in the not too distant future. To stay up to date, keep an eye on our Insights blog for new articles.