SIP Trunks delivered over your private data network provide flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness.

Allow Bendigo Telco to manage your telephony needs over its world class network. With access to our advanced technical engineering teams, we can design a High Definition solution tailored specifically for your organisation's needs. Whilst saving costs on traditional PABX and Fixed Line systems, your business will also benefit from access to increased capabilities never possible with conventional technologies.

Features include the ability to add or move users, reconfigure your office phone structure, have number ranges delivered to multiple geographic locations and improved voice quality. Also, with guaranteed quality over business grade data services, IP Voice can be a significant advancement for your business.

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  • High Definition VoIP solution designed specifically for medium and large organizations.
  • Guaranteed quality over business grade data services.
  • Included SIP Voice design consultation with BCT voice engineers.  
  • Access to BCT’s advanced technical engineering teams.
  • Converged design allows your voice and data to be delivered over one business grade data access.
  • Enterprise Trunk allows number ranges to be delivered to multiple geographic locations.

Technical Benefits

  • Flexible configuration allows for optimized design for your business requirements.
  • Increased reliability utilizing Enterprise Trunk to obtain geographic diversity for your voice services.
  • Solutions tailored to your business needs by BCT specialist voice engineers.
  • Quality integration into BCT’s Managed Network.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce costs by eliminating line rentals associated with traditional voice.  
  • Increased reliability reduces staff downtime leading to business efficiency gains.
  • Improve customer experience through high definition voice quality.