Managed Data Networks

We have specialised in building scalable, cost-effective, secure private networks that have been specifically designed in partnership with our customers to meet their present and future requirements. This includes everything from single-site fibre-connected private cloud services through to nation-wide high-security MPLS Managed Networks.


Cloud Computing provides a huge opportunity to the health industry to lower costs and improve outcomes for their patients. Bendigo Telco’s OneCloud service can assist your organisation in its cloud journey by providing secure, private and reliable connectivity to the world’s largest public cloud providers including Amazon, Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer as well as Bendigo Telco’s own public cloud infrastructure. This connectivity is complemented by Bendigo Telco’s OneCloud Management Portal that provides a single management interface to administer all of your cloud platforms, including your own private cloud infrastructure.

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

In all health organisations, patient data is treated with the upmost sensitivity and care. We understand the critical nature of patient data, and we’ve designed a data backup service that is both reliable and secure. Bendigo Telco’s status as a secure infrastructure provider (as externally certified through our PCI Data Security Standard compliance) provides certainty that your data will be transmitted and stored in a secure, private manner. Data is stored across multiple secure locations, ensuring your data is safe in almost any circumstance. Our engineers can assist your business design an integrated backup solution to ensure your data remains available.

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