Photo of Rob Hunt

Rob Hunt

Chairman of the Board

Mr Hunt is the architect of the Community Bank® model and has been instrumental in the development of a range of Community Enterprise and Engagement models, now utilised by communities across Australia to provide key infrastructure and essential services through local commercial structures. These Enterprises provide communities with a framework and the cashflow, capacity and flexibility to address new economic opportunities. Mr Hunt retired as Managing Director of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank on 3 July 2009 after 21 years as Chief Executive Officer.

Photo of Kevin Dole

Kevin Dole

Managing Director

With a keen focus on customer outcomes Kevin Dole is leading Bendigo Telco into a new era of influence. His career spans more than 35 years in technical and leadership roles in large organisations, with particular expertise in banking and finance. Kevin is placing customer success at the centre of Bendigo Telco’s strategy by focusing on customers and partnerships to ensure sustainable growth and deliver long term value for all stakeholders.

Photo of Steve Wright

Steven Wright

Chief Financial Officer

Since 2016 Steve has been responsible for the financial management, business support, financial planning and analysis, investor relations, internal and external audit, tax, and compliance functions of Bendigo Telco. Prior to being named CFO, Steve held the positions of Senior Accountant and Finance Manager at Bendigo Telco. Before joining Bendigo Telco in 2009, Steve served in a number of senior accounting roles and is a Certified Practicing Accountant.