Bendigo Telco understands the importance of high quality, reliable, and flexible internet services for medium and large organisations, and has designed its network and Internet product to meet even the highest expectations. 

Modern business practices have an ever increasing reliance on the performance and reliability of corporate internet services. The accelerating adoption of cloud applications is enhancing businesses efficiencies, however without a stable and robust internet service, businesses are exposed to higher financial and operational risks associated with internet outages. 


Choice of access methods including business grade Ethernet, Fibre Ethernet, Data Centre cross connect or can be terminated directly to your Bendigo Telco VPN network core. 

Can include optional features such as:

  • BGP Configuration
  • Router and router management.
  • Access to Bendigo Telco’s advanced technical engineering teams
  • Security enhancement via Bendigo Telco Hosted Firewall solutions
  • Protected vs Unprotected options


Technical Benefits

Increased internet performance

Increased reliability via geographically diverse links

Increased security via Bendigo Telco hosted firewall solutions.

Quality integration into Bendigo Telco’s Managed Network.

Business Benefits

Reduce costs and improve efficiency by outsourcing network management.

Increase productivity by improving network and application performance. Increased network reliability reduces staff downtime leading to further efficiency gains.

Expedite delivery of new business innovations through ease of network management and access to cloud solutions.

Open up new possibilities for business cost saving measures such as VoIP and Video Conferencing through QoS and Cloud enabled network. 

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