Simple, automated integration and user configuration through our self-service portal. Flexible support; delegate management to suit you. Activate today and start transforming your employee & customer experience.


  • Incoming and outgoing external phone calls
  • Integration with MS Teams Channels
  • On any device, in any location
  • Single presence status for meetings and calls
  • Call groups and simple voice menus
  • Voicemail with voice to text


  • Automated integration and configuration enables quick and simple deployment.
  • Teams Calling allows everyone in your business to connect to anyone, anywhere - both inside and outside your business via the PSTN network, increasing collaboration and communication across your business and beyond.
  • No deskphone? No problems. Any device with the Microsoft Teams app can be used with a suitable headset, reducing ongoing fixed hardware costs.
  • Keep your existing numbers with Local Number Porting into your Teams environment.

Need help with getting the most out of MS Teams and the transformation of the employee and customer experience? Provided as part of our managed IT service offering (or standalone), we can manage MS Teams Calling for you.

Talk to your local account manager or call us on 1300 228 123 for more information and to activate a no-cost trial in 10 minutes.

MS Teams Calling Critical Information Summary