Is your business connected to the NBN? SIP Classic is the perfect solution to connect your telephone services when you upgrade to the National Broadband Network. SIP Classic offers fantastic call rates with low monthly access fees that will save your money. 

sip lines pricing table

Things to know

  • Prices shown include GST.
  • $0 set up fee on a 12 Month Contract
  • Once off $30 set up fee per channel when non-contract option chosen. 
  • SIP Single comes with a single number per channel. No DID.
  • Where Available, SIP Classic can be provisioned on NBN UNI-V services over NBN Fibre. When Bundled with a Bendigo Telco group NBN Broadband Service, SIP Classic rates apply as stated on the rate card. If the UNI-V service is not bundled with a Bendigo Telco Group NBN Broadband Service, or a Second UNI-V service is required, an additional monthly charge of $34 applies to the service. 
  • SIP Value comes with a single number per channel. A maximum of 5 channels is available on SIP Value. No DID. 
  • Calls are charged in 60 second increments
  • Early termination charges apply on the 12-month contract option. The ETC is calculated by multiplying the monthly access fees by the number of months remaining on the contract.
  • Plans only available over Bendigo Telco data services.
  • Fees apply for service amendments and for basic, enhanced and value added services.
  • Non-standard service features such as origin based routing and customised voice response will incur additional fees.
  • Fees apply went porting existing numbers and number ranges.
  • SIP Classic services are provisioned with a single number per line. SIP Classic is not compatible with Direct In-Dial services.
  • The Support Coverage Window for SIP Classic is 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.
  • Only one plan type is permitted per account.
  • SIP Classic plans are delivered over a Bendigo Telco Internet connection. For applicable data access types, please speak to our Representatives.

SIP Classic Rate Card

SIP Classic Critical Information Summary

Glossary of Porting (LNP) Terms

International Call Rates