Important mobile pricing updates and the release of new mobile plans

Our mobile plans and pricing are undergoing a refresh. Here is an overview of what to expect and the new plans! Your mobile plan will be updated to one of our new plans; please take some time to read this announcement about what to expect and check out our new plans.

Pricing Updates

From 16 February 2024, we will be upgrading all mobile plans to a new comparable plan. Changes will see some pricing increases and decreases. These changes have been designed to ensure you continue to receive the best possible value based on your current plan inclusions. You will be transitioned onto one of our great new mobile options outlined below.

What happens now?

You will receive an email outlining how these changes will impact you – expect to see this email mid-January. In the meantime, if you would like to change to one of our great new plans, please contact us on 1300 228 123.

New Plans Available

We are thrilled to announce we have released new mobile plans that include great new features.

If you would like to change your plan today or order another mobile service please call our friendly Customer enablement team on 1300 228 123