Our national network specialises in development, integration and management of wide area data networks and cloud based solutions for government organisations. Bendigo Telco engineers work directly with you to ensure they meet your specific networking requirements while seeking ways to reduce costs for your organisation.

managed network diagram

Managed Network - MPLS

Secure, private data network that connects your business sites to your critical IT infrastructure, cloud, voice and internet services. The network does not run over the internet, and as a result provides a secure, high performing network solution compared to internet based counterparts.

Business Grade Voice Solutions (SIP)

Use our data network to connect your telephone systems, eliminating costs associated with telephone line rental. This can save government organisations many thousands of dollars per year while also having specific benefits associated with business continuity.

Cloud Services

OneCloud service provides cost effective and reliable connectivity to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM Softlayer. Our network engineers will step you through the journey of connecting to public cloud, avoiding the complication and expense of doing it yourself.

NBN Specialists

We are one of the only providers in Australia to offer Business Grade NBN, giving government organisations access to highly reliable and predictable broadband at better prices than traditional Ethernet services.

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