Our Business Group Mobile plans allow you to share your mobile data across your fleet of Bendigo Telco Group mobile phones.

By pooling your data and sharing between the mobiles on your account, you'll get the most out of your data. 

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business group mobile pricing table

Things to know

All Prices shown include GST.

1 Included value applies to calls to 13/1300, calls to mobile, national calls, Call Diversion, and Voicemail. Excludes calls to satellite services, value added services (such as reminder and wakeup calls), operator assisted/directory assistance and Sensis® calls, Video calling, Premium content calls (e.g. to 19 numbers), Surepage, international or international roaming calls, mobile messaging, paging services, and data usage

(such as GPRS and EDGE). Calls to 1800 numbers are free of charge.

2 All charges and allowances are monthly. Unused allowances will not carry over to the following month All calls and allowances are for usage within Australia (excludes use overseas).

3 Includes SMS and MMS to Mobile numbers in Australia Only.

4 Once you have reached your included data limit on the shared group mobile pool, you will be automatically charged an additional $30 for an extra 1GB of data. After that, each time you exceed the 1GB block of extra data within the current billing period, an additional 1GB block of extra data will be added at a charge of $30.

Business Group Mobile Rate Card

Business Group Mobile Critical Information Summary