Preserving our History

Through our local sponsorship program, Bendigo Telco has proudly partnered with the Bendigo Historical Society.

The Bendigo Historical Society is an incorporated society staffed by a group of volunteers that collects, stores, and conserves items related to the history of the local area, as well as the histories of local families, businesses, and cultural groups. The society promotes historical research and the interchange of information amongst its members, the public, and other local groups.

The collection of the BHS is stored in a secure facility in North Bendigo, while the BHS maintains a public front of house space at Specimen Cottage in Hargreaves Street Bendigo which is easily accessible to the public.

Sponsorship by Bendigo Telco has provided the BHS with access to the internet at their front of house location at Specimen Cottage. This connectivity has allowed volunteers to quickly gain access to online references and other sources to answer queries from the public. It also allows volunteers to demonstrate and direct researchers to relevant websites and searchable databases.

Bendigo has such a rich and vibrant history that spans more than 150 years. It’s imperative that we continue to not only preserve, but also uncover this history to allow it to be passed on to many more generations to come. Bendigo Telco is proud to be associated with the BHS as we believe the role they play in our community is truly vital in ensuring the conservation and longevity of our town’s history.