Bendigo Telco supports Bendigo Bank House initiative

It's been a fantastic year for health services in Bendigo. The city has moved into a brand-new, world-class hospital that now serves 25% of the Victorian population.

With increased capacity and specialty treatment options available, there has been an increase in the amount of patients seeking care within our region.

Some families must travel several hours to Bendigo, often for long-term treatment. That requirement can often have great impacts on whether or not individuals and families have the capacity to stay in Bendigo on a long-term basis.

This is where Bendigo Bank have recently stepped in to lend a helping hand. Bendigo Bank have recently opened the Bendigo Bank House - a low-cost, apartment-style accommodation onsite at Bendigo Health.

Realising the incredible benefit this would bring to regional Victorians, the team at Bendigo Telco raised their hand to see how they could support Bendigo Bank's vision.

Bendigo Bank House, formerly the Alexander Bayne Centre, provides easy access to the hospital ensures patients receive the treatment they need, and families remain together at a time when their support is needed most.

We've proudly partnered with Bendigo Bank to service the facility with a shared office space, with multiple desktop computers and printers connected to high-speed internet, so that those who are away from their businesses, families and communities can still remain connected.

Bendigo Bank House is now open - enquries can be made regarding eligbility and availability by visiting or calling (03) 5454 6983.

You can also donate to the project by visiting