An Enterprise Encouraging Learning

Bendigo Northern District Community Enterprise (BNDCE) Group has contributed $10,000 to the Discovery Centre to provide the White Hills Primary School Community with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) package.

The Discovery Centre worked in conjunction with White Hills Primary School and LaTrobe University to deliver introductory science sessions at the school.

LaTrobe University has partnered with the Discovery Centre to provide pre-service teachers the opportunity to work in the school environment. Initial sessions took place at the school followed by a Discovery Centre visit.

Every White Hills Primary School student has been included in this science experience in 2017 thanks to BNDCE funding.

Observation of a Grade 2 Class experience around sound included students developing language such as vibration and ear drums. The students participated in fantastic experiments using containers with strings where the sound became greater the larger the container, using metal coat hangers on strings and tuning forks in water. The students were highly engaged and enthusiastic about the hands on activities.

Another session observed was around gravity where students built their own flying craft from everyday items and had an opportunity to fly them in a wind tunnel. The sessions for older students included circuits and marble works.

All students who attended the Discovery Centre also had the opportunity to use the interactive floor displays and enter the planetarium.