A Garden that Keeps Giving

Thanks to our partners at Empowering Eaglehawk, the MADCOW Community Garden at the Bendigo Baptist Church in Eaglehawk is now in full swing.

The MADCOW initiative – Make A Difference, Change Our World – was set up by Bendigo Baptist Community Care Inc. to create a positive change, not only in our community but worldwide. All their programs have a strong focus on our youth, young families, and combating poverty. The latest MADCOW initiative can be seen at the Bendigo Baptist Church in Eaglehawk. Utilising the work for the dole program, the grounds of the church have become home to a newly thriving community garden thanks to the recent grant they received from Empowering Eaglehawk.

Through the work for the dole program, members of the local community put their skills to work a couple of days during the week to help construct the garden. Leveraging this program ensures that the garden will continuously benefit our community right from the word go. The garden features wicking beds which house a variety of vegetable and herb plants. Under current construction, is a brick wood fire pizza oven. With the locally grown produce from the garden, fresh home-made pizzas will be in high demand!

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the gardens, plus more information on what else you can expect to see here in the coming months.