About Bendigo Telco

We are an integral part of the Bendigo Telco Group of companies – an organisation dedicated to delivering the best in telecommunications services to our customers right across Australia.  We are here to serve you and your community by providing a broad range of products that bring the latest capabilities to your home and business. We work closely with local community organisations to ensure that a portion of the money that you invest with us is used to create meaningful projects that deliver lasting value to the community where we live.

We pride ourselves on a commitment to local customer support and have a reputation in the marketplace for putting the needs of our customers above all else. Over the last decade we have developed broad expertise in the delivery of technically complex telecommunications solutions for business with a focus on ‘Virtual Private Networks’, cloud, telephony and PBX systems.  We have invested in our own Australia-wide network infrastructure that allows us to deliver our services both locally and to any regional or metropolitan area.