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SPAM Alert!

If you receive an email with a .doc attachment eg SKMBT_C25213120613510.DOC (or similar) from or containing the word "Konica", such as an scanned document, this is NOT A LEGITIMATE EMAIL.  In most cases legitimate files that are sent via email, are done so in a .pdf format, including scanned documents.

Please DO NOT OPEN this email.  We recommend that you delete it immediately, including from your Trash file.

 It is always advisable to refrain from opening suspicious emails.  Hackers or viral threats are very adept in concealing the true nature of the email.  When in doubt, delete.

 In the event that you have receive such an email, and have opened it, we recommend that you run a virus scan or contact your IT professional.


Upgrades made to Bendigo Telco's email credentials

We recently upgraded our Bendigo Telco email credentials.  If you are experiencing issues with your email service, you may need to update your mail settings.  Please click here for new mail server settings.