The best customer experience. This is our promise at Bendigo Telco.

Our customers are our number one priority and our commitment to our customers is embodied in our Platinum Service Promise. This promise is fundamental in our business and our staff are compelled to uphold these important values. When you choose Bendigo Telco, you access a culture of experienced, professional people who understand the importance of responsiveness and will always go the extra mile to support your business.

Our Platinum Service Promise ensures we will always:

Listen to you

Everyone at Bendigo Telco will make an effort to genuinely understand your needs and so become effective in finding the right solution for your business.

Add value to your business

It’s important we make honest and realistic assessments and whenever we can, add value to your business.

Show respect in our dealings

We genuinely care about our customer’s requirements and respond with thoughtful attention.

Show urgency in the things we do

It’s essential to act swiftly when any customer needs service. Your requests are the most important to us every day of the week.

Appreciate having you as a customer

We will work through any given situation with respect and consideration.

By working hard to please you, we demonstrate that we value your business.

Maintain our commitment to supplying innovative products

Ensure our customers always have access to the most innovative technology available and back that up with the assistance needed to support it.

Put the customer first

Your needs are more important than any of our processes or back-office procedures and we never let our systems get in the way of service.

Demonstrate our commitment to local prosperity

Bendigo Telco was established to maximise the potential that exists in our area.  We feel the investment you make in communications locally, should remain here while we continue to bring improved services and innovation to our region.