Bendigo Telco offers a range of services or functionalities that will assist you with managing your service expenditure and service usage. Usage notifications are one such tool.  From September 2013 we will send customers with included value mobile, mobile broadband, NBN and ADSL plans usage notifications when they reach 50%, 85% and 100% of their monthly included value or quota. 

How will I receive notifications?

As default customers with mobile plans will receive these notifications as an SMS message and customers with ADSL, mobile broadband or NBN plans will receive these notifications as an email message. 

Bendigo Telco will only issue SMS notifications to customers between the hours of 8am and 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time 7 days a week.

Does the notification include real time usage and usage outside Australia?

Importantly you should remember that all notifications may be up to 48 hours old; and that the notification does not include calls or SMS to overseas or usage outside Australia.

Important information to consider when you receive an excess usage notification  

It is important that you clearly read the excess usage notification. This will tell you what impact reaching this limit will have on your service.  Your notification will indicate one of two things – either that your service has been shaped (i.e slowed and you will not incur excess usage charges) or that you are now including excess usage charges. If your notification advises that you are now incurring excess usage charges you should refer to your product terms here to determine the actual charges that will apply. 

Need more information?

For further information or assistance please contact our customer centre on 1300 228 123