Telco B2B Marketing Secrets

It’s no secret that marketing in the B2B industry is fickle. However, research completed by LinkedIn suggests that over the next 3 years, business to business services are going to grow at a rate that surpasses the consumer market. This will occur as a key dynamic in the telco industry. 

With that in mind, Bendigo Telco has created a platform that allows our business customers to learn, engage and gain value from our industry knowledge. We are open to sharing industry secrets and product insights with you through our new and exciting ‘Business Insights’ page.

In line with extensive research, we aim to provide you with the most valuable tool… knowledge in a one-stop shop.

As marketers, we are susceptible to all kinds of marketing initiatives and we tend to emulate similar styles in our work. However, the secret is to recognise the value in our output. It has been said time and time again that quality over quantity is king, but why are we still receiving several emails a day from companies wanting to engage with our business?

As B2B marketers we can not afford to act like spam. We need to be providing relatable interesting material to our customers new and existing. 82% of business decision makers say that thought leadership increased their trust in an organisation.

The ability to push good, quality content that readers can engage with will help customer trust and remember your brand. Only 14% of people can recall the last advertisement they saw, whilst only 8% have any idea on what company or product was associated with that advertisement. Furthermore, only 3% find relevance in that advertisement to them.

Data has found that buyers are twice as likely to trust information provided by LinkedIn than any other social media networks. So what are you waiting for? Start producing quality content that your users can trust and connect with your customers.