Supporting an Active Community

Bendigo Telco are delighted to announce their latest partnership with Athletics Bendigo. Not only have we jumped on board as a community sponsor, but we have also established a community referral partnership with the organisation.

Athletics Bendigo approached Bendigo Telco for sponsorship for their 17/18 season and we found them a perfect fit for a partnership. Athletics Bendigo have a strong community focus in all their activities, resonating very strongly with us. Encouraging our youth to be active through their Little Athletics Program was also something that strongly appealed to us.

We wanted to ensure that our partnership with Athletics Bendigo continued to thrive, not only for this season but for many more to come. For this reason, we decided to establish a Community Referral Partnership with them. Every time an Athletics Bendigo supporter signs up their services with Bendigo Telco, we promise to continuously donate a portion of that spend directly back to Athletics Bendigo. This continuously occurs every month, with no end date, and is a great way for members to support their organisation without costing themselves a cent.

We want to build a major revenue stream for Athletics Bendigo/Little Athletics to ensure a healthy and active future for our local community here in Bendigo. We look forward to building our relationship with the crew at Athletics Bendigo for many seasons to come!