Update 14/04/2020:

Additional Data on Broadband Services
As Australians embrace social distancing and follow government recommendations, many Australians, where possible, are moving to working from home arrangements. This is an important factor in fighting the global pandemic, however will often lead to higher than usual data usage on your broadband internet connection. Given the increased reliance on broadband services, we have doubled the amount of data included on all of our on-net ADSL and NBN broadband services* for the month of April, and will continue to provide this additional data until government imposed restrictions are lifted. If you have any questions about your data inclusions, please contact our Customer Help Team on 1300 228 123. 
*On-net services include any NBN and ADSL service on Bendigo Telco’s network, and excludes re-sold layer 3 services, mobile phone and mobile broadband services. 

Update 31/03/20:

The coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to have significant impacts on people, businesses, communities and the economy. As an essential service provider, we continue to monitor updates from the government, the Department of Health, the World Health Organisation and other health organizations and will take their lead on best practices and standards. 
As a business, we have chosen to progressively implement our continuity plans with a focus on having the majority of our staff working from home.  By doing so we ensure the protection of our staff, the service we deliver to our customers and the support we provide to the communities that we serve.
During these unprecedented times, our business will continue to provide essential services.  As more businesses move to remote working arrangements, the reliance on our services, support and infrastructure becomes even more critical. Our service delivery and support teams are 100% operational, and continue to progress service orders and offer support as per normal business operation. 
Please note that we are experiencing some delays from our suppliers with respect to service delivery and service assurance. This is as a direct result of the pandemic, both locally and abroad. We will continue to work with our suppliers to ensure the fastest service delivery and restoration times possible, and will continue to keep you informed throughout the process and we ask for your understanding during these truly unique circumstances. 
We are here to help and support you through the difficulty and uncertainty that surrounds the current situation.  We thank you for your continued and ongoing trust as we navigate through these testing times together.
Please direct any enquiries about this issue to us via our website at bendigotelco.com.au/covid-19/contact-us
Steven Wright
Acting – Executive General Manager

Update 18/03/20:

Dear Valued Customers, Bendigo Telco takes the health and wellbeing of its Staff and Customers seriously. 
Due to the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, Bendigo Telco has made the decision to close its Retail space from 1pm on the 19th of March 2020, until further notice. 
How to get in touch:
For all bill payments and enquiries, please call our Customer Help team on 1300 228 123 during business hours (8:30 to 5:30 – Monday to Friday).
Customers can also access SmartCentre to view and pay invoices, and lodge enquiries. 
Please monitor this page for further updates. 
We appreciate your understanding during this time.

Update 13/03/20:

The global impact of COVID-19 is causing people and all businesses to re-evaluate how they engage with one another and deal with the impact and uncertainty it may introduce for businesses, our community and our economy. Bendigo Telco has, as usual, taken a comprehensive approach to deal with the current crisis in order to protect our services, our customers, our partners and staff.
We closely monitor updates from the government, the Department of Health, the World Health Organisation and other health organisations by taking their lead on best practices and standards. Additionally, we have reviewed and updated our internal policies to include restrictions on travel to and from certain countries, increase our focus on staff health and wellbeing and the broadening of our flexible work from home policies.
We have a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan in place. Our management team is monitoring the situation and will remain engaged with our customers, partners and staff to ensure we are aware of any potential delays or disruptions that could impact our supply chain or delivery of our services.
Bendigo Telco is fortunate to have multiple offices in Victoria and Tasmania with key staff spread across these locations. We have also invested in a robust standard operating system (SOE) which allows our staff, across all facets of our business, to perform their role seamlessly from home for an extended period of time.
We have successfully performed Business Continuity tests in the last week to validate that our policies, procedures, and systems are working appropriately. Our Customer Support team has successfully tested work from home with no loss of effectiveness. Should conditions worsen, we are confident we can respond quickly, minimising impacts to our business and disruptions to our customers and partners. We thank you for your continued trust as we navigate through these circumstances.
Please raise any enquiries using our COVID-19 assistance form.
Steven Wright
Acting – Executive General Manager